About Our Church

In 1823, Fairview Presbyterian Church was built just two miles outside of Lawrenceville.  From a beginning with 13 members, this church grew and prospered as a mission of Hopewell Presbytery. In the years leading up to the War Between the States, we are told it was the leading church for miles around, having over 250 names on its roll. It vigorously sought to spread Presbyterian doctrine throughout the area and is honored as the Mother Church by several churches.  Fairview is the oldest church in what is now the Atlanta Presbytery.

In 1850, Fairview built a church in Lawrenceville “at the hill on Oak Street” for the convenience of Lawrenceville Presbyterians who found the drive to Fairview by horses and buggies, over rough roads and exposed to the weather, very difficult.  Difficulties ensued during the war and life was hard during the Reconstruction Period.

On April 12, 1891, Dr. J. B. Mack was delegated by the Presbytery of Atlanta to organize the Lawrenceville Presbyterian Church.  Twenty six members withdrew from Fairview Church to form the new church.  The current location became the home for Lawrenceville Presbyterian Church on May 30, 1965 when a Dedication Service was held.  The building expanded in the 1970s with an Education Building and then again in the mid-90s with a new sanctuary.